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Hair Loss in ayurvedic perspective and its treatment


                              Hair Loss


Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss is one of the major concerns among the youngsters and even among the middle age group.As there are lots of medicines,oils and ointments are available(OTC) in the market for the hair issues, but very few are effective in a true sense. Even ,I was suffering from the same issue and had tried a lot of products but none of them proved to be  effective.Then I started searching for some herbal alternative in a raw and pure form and had also exploring yogasana and breathing techniques for the cure.

Ayurveda has a bunch of stuffs that can treat these disorders like hair loss,baldness,hair loss in women etc.But at first we need to understand the cause of hair loss.In a broader perspective.

Hair loss causes and  ayurvedic tips:

It is mainly related to the Pitta (one of the dosha in Ayurveda ) so as a cure or to ameliorate the condition decrease or completely stop taking the hot spices and hot and pungent foods at first.

Below are some tips:

1.Apply bhrigaraj oil to the scalp and massage it gently everyday.

2.Amla(Indian gooseberry) is very effective in balancing pitta.Take 1 teaspoon of amla powder at night with water everyday.

3.Prana Mudra is very effective as it increases the blood flow and increase the supply of oxygen which could result in providing a greater nutrition to the hair.

4.Do anulom vilom pranayama for 20 minutes everyday.

5.Sarvangasana/Matsyasana and halasana is also very supportive for your hair and brain health.(Precautions:If you are suffering from any cervical or brain disease please do not try this or you can take an advice of an expert).

6.Do meditation at least for 15 min as anxiety is also one of the major contributor in facilitating the hair issues..


Hair loss


May God bless you a good and healthy body!

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