Via Nature – Rosehip Restoring Specialty Skin Care Oil ( 2 – 1.7 FZ)


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Let Via Nature 100% Natural Specialty Skin Care Oils become a part of your healthy skin regimen. Everyday exposure to sun, water and wind can strip away the precious oils from this skin and hair. The natural elements of Via Naturespecialty Oils can reduce that damage by nourishing and hydrating your skin and hair. Rosehip oil contains pure vitamin A, which is highly known for it’s replenishing and restorative properties. Rosehip seed oil is widely recognized as one of the best natural oils available for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation because it contains pure vitamin A, a vitamin with replenishing and restorative properties. The andean Indians of Chile have used rosehip oil for centuries for it’s healing benefit’s to the skin. Unlike chemically derived treatments such as Retin-A and Tretinoin, rosehip oil does not cause over-drying or peeling. Since the vitamin A and E in rosehip oil is part of a complex system of unsaturated fatty acids, it works with your skin to turn over cells, instead of irritating it. Rosehip oils will render your skin smooth and fresh. Recently Rosehip oil has been found to accomplish a multitude of skin benefit’s including: helping lessen the appearance of wrinkles, fade sun spots, and aiding in assisting skin regain it natural color and tone.

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